Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So this may be late, but hey, we've been busy helping people get what they want. SKATEMARE was ice cold and rainy, but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. tons of killer skateboarding, music, candy and costumes. It was as perfect as a night could be considering the weather.
We have a BBQ donated by our Local DAIRY QUEEN!!!! If you came to SKATEMARE, be sure to head over and show some love for the locally owned DAIRY QUEEN in centerville.
We had best trick comps, a powerslide comp, and a best costume comp. Tons of prizes and throw outs. It was totally worth toughing the cold for the all the freebies alone!

Keep in mind supporting you local skate shop just means you are going to get more parties thrown like this and Go Skateboarding Day.

In the photos we got Taylor, Burke and Nate getting scary this holloween night. To see more pics hit up the facebook Annex Skate.

Cant wait for the next big party!!! See you all then.


  1. nice to see some pics on the blog again that party was so sick all those throwouts people were fighting over were crazy the skating and the music were so sick. Leave it to annex to throw a freaking amazing party. can't wait until the next party hope there's another one in the works.

  2. Hey when's the next annex event?/party let me know cause i wanna clear my schedule in advance haha