Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay, so many of you who have come in the shop to talk about the “would be” Bountiful Skate Park have already seen this image. We have posted it on facebook before and made light mention of the design. Well over the last year Annex has been working with Site Design Group, Pillar Design Group, California Skateparks, and various officials from the city to learn how this park was somehow forgotten along the way while building the new Rec Center.

I have been doing different types of research on how far along the park has come before it was finally forgotten, in addition to the funding that has since been redistributed into the city elsewhere (Not necessarily bad), and about various different ways to re-raise the funds along with the long thought dead corpse of this magnificent skate park!

“FIRST THINGS FIRST” We have to rebuild the excitement within the city, and get as many people activated towards building the park as possible. We need to show the city that there is a “REAL” need for this park. The parties we throw for the kids here aren’t just for the skateboarding community, they are also the show the city that we can play by the rules and that there are a ton of us, all who want a place in their hometown to skate. Though there are many different ways to get help with funding and getting the city to continue to consider building the park, we have to start at the bottom. We need to get people onboard and excited. That’s your Job.

Take a long hard look at this park. This is the illustration from Site Design Group who built: American Fork, Clearfeild, Fairmont, Layton, Logan, Midvale, Oakley, Park City 1, Park City 2, Sandy parks, and of course the new Kearns Skate Plaza. These guys know the evolution of skateboarding parks and do it right.

A lot has changed since 2003, when the park was supposed to be built. And talking to the president of Site Design he has said they would only take the best parts of the park and redesign the rest ACCORDING TO WHAT THE LOCAL SKATEBOARDEERS WANT!!!

Look, this project has been underway and shut down repeatedly since 1994. That’s 17 years!!! Long enough to help the city be sure that skateboarding is going nowhere. Bountiful is great, its leaders are very reasonable, and if we show them how bad we need this, I think its time they make a way for it to happen. It all starts with us!!

Show your support by writing letters and asking friends and family to do the same. A petition is underway and we would like to have your name on it. “Particularly those of you who live in Bountiful City”. Keep a eye on our facebook for further announcements and attend our FREE parties. We can make this happen!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So this may be late, but hey, we've been busy helping people get what they want. SKATEMARE was ice cold and rainy, but that didn't stop anyone from having a good time. tons of killer skateboarding, music, candy and costumes. It was as perfect as a night could be considering the weather.
We have a BBQ donated by our Local DAIRY QUEEN!!!! If you came to SKATEMARE, be sure to head over and show some love for the locally owned DAIRY QUEEN in centerville.
We had best trick comps, a powerslide comp, and a best costume comp. Tons of prizes and throw outs. It was totally worth toughing the cold for the all the freebies alone!

Keep in mind supporting you local skate shop just means you are going to get more parties thrown like this and Go Skateboarding Day.

In the photos we got Taylor, Burke and Nate getting scary this holloween night. To see more pics hit up the facebook Annex Skate.

Cant wait for the next big party!!! See you all then.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Alright these are a few pics from our Go Skateboarding Day 2010 event. It was a total success!! We worked super hard to get this all to happen, and with the help of everyone who came it all went down without a single hitch. Thanks to Dairy Queen in centerville for hooking up the food, and to all the skaters who came. The bands were great and the skating was crazy good. Cant wait to do it again next year!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Shogo Clothing!!!

Annex is proud to support local start up companies and Shogo Clothing is truly a gem for clothing companies starting up right here in the UT. He has designed each item himself and has them even made from the ground up right here in the US. We support those who support out economy, and we support those who sell super bitchin clothing like this long fitted tank with super secret pockets. Stop in to take a look at these tanks or go to for more designs. if you like what you see, Annex is one of the very few places to find this stuff.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well Annex would first like to thank all the dead people who made this memorial day possible. Thanks dead people.
It was Annex's first event with skateboarding so far this year. to bad the weather has pushed it back so far. Oh well it turned out really great. The skating was so good. The brown twins Nate and Jordan coming off the roof into the quarter was certainly the highlight. Thanks for coming everyone. We will be sure to light it up again soon. Looking forward to it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Weekend @ Mike Brown Fest!!!

The skating at Mike Brown Fest was super good. When Mike Asked us to bring our ramps for his festivities we were pumped to be a part of it, and even more excited to see all the talent blasting the pieces we brought. As anyone can see Lizard King made no waist of the space. Most of his tricks he didn't bother with the down ramp at all and just blasted all the way to flat. It was Annex's first impression of him in person, and all we have to say is that aside from earning his pro title, he is in no way a douche. Lizard King was probably the most respectful guy in the bar. But we cant give all the skate cred to him alone. Tons of other Utah's own skaters also showed up and destroyed! That nose slide pic is actually half cab in and 270 out! Lizard had a huge north back-side 180. For what small space there was these guys definitely made the best of it. If you want to see more of the skating pics taken last Saturday visit our Facebook and we'll get it all updated there. Thanks again Mike!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Annex visits the Wild in the Parks Volcom Competition!

Here are some of the highlights from the Volcom, Wild in the Parks Competition tour.
As you can see it was a pretty good turn out for Volcom this year.
First, this is Aaron Lopez, for Odeus Skateboards "Who most people thought skated best all around but only took 4th" with a really perfect nollie big-spin flip down the 8 while some other dude pics himself up.
And second shown is Nate Brown, with a really perfect back side 360.
This comp was full of some of Utah's very best skaters.