Monday, April 11, 2011

Okay, so many of you who have come in the shop to talk about the “would be” Bountiful Skate Park have already seen this image. We have posted it on facebook before and made light mention of the design. Well over the last year Annex has been working with Site Design Group, Pillar Design Group, California Skateparks, and various officials from the city to learn how this park was somehow forgotten along the way while building the new Rec Center.

I have been doing different types of research on how far along the park has come before it was finally forgotten, in addition to the funding that has since been redistributed into the city elsewhere (Not necessarily bad), and about various different ways to re-raise the funds along with the long thought dead corpse of this magnificent skate park!

“FIRST THINGS FIRST” We have to rebuild the excitement within the city, and get as many people activated towards building the park as possible. We need to show the city that there is a “REAL” need for this park. The parties we throw for the kids here aren’t just for the skateboarding community, they are also the show the city that we can play by the rules and that there are a ton of us, all who want a place in their hometown to skate. Though there are many different ways to get help with funding and getting the city to continue to consider building the park, we have to start at the bottom. We need to get people onboard and excited. That’s your Job.

Take a long hard look at this park. This is the illustration from Site Design Group who built: American Fork, Clearfeild, Fairmont, Layton, Logan, Midvale, Oakley, Park City 1, Park City 2, Sandy parks, and of course the new Kearns Skate Plaza. These guys know the evolution of skateboarding parks and do it right.

A lot has changed since 2003, when the park was supposed to be built. And talking to the president of Site Design he has said they would only take the best parts of the park and redesign the rest ACCORDING TO WHAT THE LOCAL SKATEBOARDEERS WANT!!!

Look, this project has been underway and shut down repeatedly since 1994. That’s 17 years!!! Long enough to help the city be sure that skateboarding is going nowhere. Bountiful is great, its leaders are very reasonable, and if we show them how bad we need this, I think its time they make a way for it to happen. It all starts with us!!

Show your support by writing letters and asking friends and family to do the same. A petition is underway and we would like to have your name on it. “Particularly those of you who live in Bountiful City”. Keep a eye on our facebook for further announcements and attend our FREE parties. We can make this happen!